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What is Overtraining?

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

How Do I Know if I am Overtraining?

Over Trained
Over Trained

Overtraining is not good. Your performance and quality of life will suffer if you are chronically overtrained. Beware!


How to Detect Overtraining
Physical Signs & Symptoms
Psychological Signs & Symptoms
Impaired Athletic Performance
Immunological Signs & Symptoms
Biochemical Signs & Symptoms
Contributing Factors
How to Avoid Overtraining
How to Recover from Overtraining

There are plenty of signs be aware of when it comes to your body’s signals about pushing yourself too far. Over training your body will cause you to plateau or worse – regress.

The most common sign of overtraining is the total loss of motivation to train, and exhaustion mixed with some the symptoms listed below.

An Active Recovery Day

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

Mountain BikingToday is a good day to talk about Active Recovery. The average temperature was 80-85°F, there’s a beach across the street, the kids needed entertaining, and I have a bike and a set of Powerblocks in the garage. I pretty much couldn’t escape from exercise on a day like today even if I wanted to.

So What is Active Recovery?

Active Recovery is the process of exercising only for the purpose of stimulating the muscles enough to:

  • increase blood flow throughout the body…
  • thereby increasing nutrient partitioning throughout the body
  • extra calories burned without traumatizing muscle fibers
  • quicker muscle recovery from the week’s vicious workouts